When the sun sets, on a sunrise

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Saronkot, a mountain that overlooks Pokhara is one of the short treks that nearly everyone who comes to Nepal does. At 1600m it rises 900m above Pokhara and from it one gets a great view of the city below, particularly at Sunrise. It’s been on my list of things to do for the last two month but everytime I’ve planned to go up its been foggy. In fact the last two months have been the foggiest and wettest I, and every one I’ve spoken too, has ever known. I still haven’t identified the birds below but it looks like the males and females have different coloured breasts and underwings; one is red and the other yellow which flash as they fly.

However yesterday as with the previous days it was clear but as I wasn’t up early enough to capture the sunrise I instead strolled up as a practice run. For it was hazy and so whilst the city was visible the view was poor. I took all 6kg of my camera equipment, plus a flask of hot tea and some museli bars.

.I also took a few pictures of the ‘flyiers’ (paragliders) who jump everyday as they flew past, and for $60-$100 you can join them in tandum

Although I was hoping to use my 14-30mm wide angle lens to capture the sun rise I took the 24-70mm kit lens and whilst I didn’t capture much I did get a great shot of another photographer.

As I was there and had time to kill I waited for the sunse which canalso be uite spectacular. Sadly it wasn’t to be but it at least gave me an opportunity to try out the timelapse setting on the Z6. Heres one hour condensed to 21 seconds.

The walk down in the dark similarly presented an opportuity to take a night shot of the city. Not the best but still worth a share.

The following morning…

It was mild when I left the guest house at 5:15am the following morning mild as I expected to get a little hot as I pounded up the steps I left like a Geordie; wearing only a t-shirt. Yesterday I had took my time, strolling up and taking a few shots on the way so it took me close to 3 hours to reach the top but in the dark and armed with the light on my solar battery pack I put on a pace and covered the 800m climb in an hour and a half. When I started the city was visible but as I ascended so, like the Cheshire cat it began to dissapear. As I rose so it continued to thicken and whilst I plod up alone I wasn’t alone at the top. Plenty had come up by jeep or as many do stayed the night at a local guest house.

So as there was no rising sun to see let alone film but as I was dressed like a Geordie I became a bit of a celeb, the subject of a few photographs and selfies of the ‘strong man’ in a t-shirt.

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