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standard charter jersey marathon mascot

Or is it Running Late…

Last October we returned to Jersey just prior to the Standard Charter Jersey Marathon. I’d just purchased the 50mm f1.8 Z mount prime for my Z6 and so decided to catch the bus down to the Start/Finish to see what I could do. The event celebrity was the ex-Liverpool football player John Barnes who since retiring had put a few pounds on. But fair play he did the celeb thing and posed for all those ubiquitous selfies. How did we ever manage without them?

The Bus driver was a miserable git and wouldn’t let me off at the traffic lights so I could catch the start of the main marathon but as well as the proper one there was a fun run, a Kids event and a relay.

We then hung around what we thought was a good spot to catch the winner come home and cross the finish line; but then a load of bums got in the way! So whilst I saw the Ethiopian flag being hoisted I didn’t actually get to see who was hoisting it.

I did later moan to the organisers who claimed the St Johns Ambulance needed to watch the finish as that’s what they were there for; but it’s not. St Johns ambulance are not there on the off chance a competitor drops dead, they’re there in case one of the fatties who came to watch the race keels over, i.e. for themselves!

I was so pissed off that I walked down the course and to be totally honest I wish I had of done so half an hour earlier.

  • Anthony Glennon
  • Paul Duxbury
  • Jamie Ingrouille
  • Chris Bell
  • Khrystyna Bohomiahkova
  • Steven Gray
  • Ben Shearer
  • Ollie Garrod

Those fat arses may have pissed me off but I learned an important lesson: don’t sit at the finish line: move a bit further down, find a good backdrop and get down on your knees. I moved a bit further down and again got some good shots but in all honesty I wish I’dd stayed at the marina as the shots I got of Chris Bell were the best. This being my favourite.

Chris Bell flying into 9th in Standard Charter Jersey Marathon 2019

The marina wasn’t the only good place to capture the runners with the whole waterfront area and West Park similarly offering some good back drops to capture the relay runners and a couple of competitors running together.

Despite not getting the winner I did enjoy myself and similarly got the impression that most of the runners liked being photographed. If another marathon should come my way I think I’ll do the same, move down from the finish line and capture the real action.

And if by any chance any of the runners here stumble across this site I have all these and more images and in much higher resolution than I’ve uploaded for this post. So if you fancy a souvenir and want to make a donation to my agricultural projects here in Nepal drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

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