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Once again I have found myself in the proverbial. Not I may add the metaphorical kind but the literal, the kind a pig like me reveals in.

I am and have long been an advocate of compost. It was what started the Persephone concept back in the early 1990’s. The work I did then was what then gave me the opportunity to study at Reading Universities Soil Department and later to write the 2004 WRAP document ‘Benefits and Efficacy of Compost to End Users’ (A copy of which can be found in the resources pages of the Nepal project site). Ever since however it’s been a struggle to get on with or gain employment in what I regard as the essential foundation for any sustainable horticultural exercise. Here though is a video I made ten years ago on how to make top quality compost.

Since I arrived back in Nepal I have wanted to get on with composting. I came back to build upon the reconnaissance report I wrote in 2018. Then as now I felt Nepal offered me more of what I was looking for than anywhere else I’ve traveled to over the last 15 years: a rural economy with an under developed agricultural sector, a socialist government, lots of wildlife, and mountains that overlook bigger mountains. It is that great, from my perspective at least, that I want to live here and in order to gain the residency permits I need to do so, I need to make myself useful.

I need to be productive, create links and networks and to get project ideas off the ground and running. Most of what I do though is dependent on compost and, even with my accelerating methods, it still takes three to six months to make something useful. Thus I have wanted to get on with composting since day one but having now been here two months and with not one heap having been constructed I was beginning to get dejected. However this week I have found myself neck deep in poo and from my perspective all I can (finally) smell are the roses.

A field trip on the 1st of February with Sushil (one of the main contributors to the the Nepal project site) to Amrit Dhara Agro Organic Solutions ( ADAOS), an enterprise run by Narendra Kunwar that works on preserving traditional Nepali cattle breeds also revealed a fledgling vermicompost operation.

(ADAOS have also begun to develop potting media using the worm casts and trialing vegetable production. So they are marching down the same road as me. Currently they market a line in natural products ranging from nettle tea to toilet cleaner and a health drink made from cow urine. (Yes you read that correctly).

Our trip to ADAOS was followed by a visit to Eco-Next Tech , an operation where they make a soil amendment from blending cow shit, chicken shit and bone meal; none of which is meant for human consumption but is though good for the roses I keep smelling. Owned by Dhurba Kunwar and operated by Bharat Marahatta it’s an enterprise we again hope to have some positive input into.

Like a pig I reveal in shit and in one day it seems I have managed to get involved in two fecal related projects. I am sure that more will come of this and shall in due course up date you on our progress.

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  1. Thank You Malcolm for this recollection. It has been a wonderful journey and shall continue to be.
    Sushil Dhungana,
    Technical Assistant (Level 05)
    Plant Protection Laboratory, Gandaki Province, Nepal

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