A Rescued Puppy

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It would seem despite my intention to not take on pets, one has instead taken on me. I was though left with little option for Pinto, as I have currently named him needed rescuing after the neighbors, likely fearful after reading nonsense on facebook about dogs carrying Covid-19 aggressively chased him off with brooms and buckets of water. He was somewhat traumatized and very snappy when I rescued him from one neighbors garden. It was similarly fortunate that I had only two days before bought the large bamboo basket for the washing line post come planter as this proved to be a perfect little cage to put him in.

I am still not sure how the landlord, who lives above me, will react to me acquiring a dog but I saw no other avenue than to bring him in and spare him a miserable life or early death on the street. Hopefully he can stay, at least for the remainder of the lock down here in Nepal, after which, If necessary I will find him a new home.

Some food, water and a bit of respite from the brooms and buckets and Pinto, as I have named him, calmed down, wagged his tail and stopped snapping. I gave him a rinse with pyretheum (a natural broad spectrum insecticide suitable as a topical control for fleas and other insect parasites) and a wash in warm water and he fluffed up nicely.

He has now charmed his way into the house and like the puppy dog he is, now follows me everywhere and pees and poos all over the floor. Once the Covid-19 lock-down is over I shall take him to the dog charity for vaccinations, de-worming and once he is old enough neutering. For there are too many dogs in Asia and so whilst I hope his life has been spared his balls sadly wont be. Should I be able to remain in Nepal and if the landlord is obliging I will train him up as a search dog for if, or rather when, the next major earthquake comes; for it surely will, he will prove useful.

Otherwise I will find him a nice home, for Pinto is a charm; almost but not quite like his namesake (Alcindo Pinto, a good friend of mine).

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